The Advantage watch by HEAD is a silicon band cool watch with #Swiss movement and smart functions!

Take #notifications for your incoming #calls, messages or emails on your wrist. Collect datas from your performance and watch them on your exclusive HEAD smart app. All thanks to a finely designed #minimal dial and #comfortable silicon strap.

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It has to be paired it with the Advantage app via #bluetooth in order to get the following features:

Daily #activity target and monitoring

You can set your goals and let ADVANTAGE collect the reports and help you reaching your targets for your sport or leisure activities. Get your realtime activeness displayed right in the app interface for steps, walked distances, burnt calories, sleep quality.

Phone #Notifications:

can also be set to get on you watch slight vibration notifications for incoming calls, emails or messages, inactivity or link-loss alerts, daily alarms, each with different blinking colors. Get alerted for inactivity while you are working, for a message while cooking, reminder alarm while driving, for an telephone call while you are skiing or playing tennis!

Camera #Trigger:

take a photo from your Advantage app by just open the camera tab in the app and pressing the upper button on your watch case!

with ADVANTAGE your life is #connected to what matters to you


Smartphone Compatibility

Which smartphones can be paired to my HEAD Advantage watch?

The HEAD Advantage watch can be paired with all iOs or Android devices.
Click here to download the iOs app.
Click here to download the Android app.

Watch & App Pairing

How should I pair my watch with my iOs or Android smartphone?

Please follow the instructions in the quick start guide in order to get started. See also this quick video showing the pairing process on iOs


How should I use the Settings tab in the Advantage app?

In the settings tab you can set your profile by providing your infos such as gender, age, weight and height. This will help to track your activeness in a better way. Use the "Goals" section to set your daily target for steps. This target will be updated both in the Activity Tab and the LED indexes of your Advantage watch. Finally, you can unpair your watch from this section.


How does the notifications work?

Use the notifications tab to set your desired notifications. Please note each notification has its own color which will be the blinking color of the 12 o'clock of your watch:

  • Call notifications: red color
  • Message / Email / Other apps notifications: green / yellow color
  • Link-Loss notifications: Purple color
  • Inactivity reminder notifications: Blue color
  • Alarms: no color is shown, just vibration

I'm not getting notifications for messages/emails and/or other apps on my iOs device

You need to activate each app notification in the iOs Settings in order for them to send the signal to your watch. Some email client may not fully support the green notification, depending by the iOs version. Please contact us for any need or question on this issue.

I'm not getting notifications for messages/emails and/or other apps on my Android device

Please ensure the following:

  1. the Android OS allows the Advantage app to process the notifications (system Settings > Sound & notification > Notification access  and then turn on ‘Advantage’)
  2. the Advantage app is set to let the email client or other apps to notify the watch (in the app, a. go to Notifications then turn on “Message/Email”, b. go to Settings > Notifications then turn on your email client – should it be Gmail or others)
Datas collection

How activity data is been collected?

You Advantage watch record your arm wrist movements, allowing to make an esteem of the walked distances (in steps or meters) and burned calories. You don't need the phone to be always connected in order to collect the datas. Just open the app and check in the notifications settings that the watch is connected and check after a few seconds the sync of the datas in the Activity Tab, which will let you browse day-by-day, last week or last 10 days values. Swipe left or right in order to move from daily datas to a graphic view mode.

Camera trigger

How does sleep monitoring work

Once you go to bed, just press the upper button of the Advantage watch for 2 seconds to switch to sleep mode (the 3 o'clock index will blink in white for 3 times). Once you wake up, press again the upper button to go back to normal mode. Check in the Sleep tab of the Advantage app the datas from your sleep of the last 10 days.

Sleep Monitoring

How does the camera tab work

You need to allow the Advantage app to access your smartphone's camera in order to take photos by pressing the lower button on your Advantage watch. Just go to the camera tab on your Advantage app and